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Create a Page

To create a page (About, Contact or a New Project for example) first we must mouse over on "Pages" in the main left navigation as shown below:

All Pages will take you to a list of all the pages that have been made - be it published or a draft. The pages are broken down as they are seen on the website. Current Projects > Birchgrove Residence for example. Shown using level dashes as shown below:

Add New will take you to our main page editing WYSIWYG.


  1. Title
  2. Content Area
  3. Sub Headings
  4. Gallery Images
  5. Feature Thumbnail
  6. Parent Page
  7. Publish

Key - in relation to live page

Key Detail

1: Title
This is the title of the page, it is also used for the link in the main navigation.
For example having a title "Macquarie Radio Network" will show as "Macquarie Radio Network" in the navigation.

2: Content Area
This is a standard WYSIWYG editor and will show the main body of content on the page.
You can also created standard text formatting - link, bold, italic for example.

3: Sub Headings
This is where you set the Location and Details of the project. Location being "Pyrmont" and Details "Interior Design and Styling in collaboration with Vaughan Architects". Note: If you cannot see this panel click "Screen Options" (located top right) and tick "Custom Fields".

4: Gallery Images
You can add images to the gallery by clicking "Attach" - a window will pop up - all you need to do is drag the images from your computer into this window - the CMS will automatically create the thumbnails for you. Once the images have uploaded click "Show" then at the bottom click "Attach". Do this to all images.

Once attached the image will be shown in the editor

5: Video Thumbnail

6: Parent Page
The Parent page is where to attach the current page. For example if the current page is Macquarie Radio Network, set the parent to: Portfolio. When you look at "All Pages" the page will be placed in order using the Dashes as shown earlier.

7: Publish
This is how to publish the page and make it live - "Save Draft" will save the page but keep it offline until you are finished. "Publish" will push the page live.

Edit the Navigation Menu

Once you have created a page - you will notice it has not shown up in the main menu on the website. To add the page to the menu mouseover "Appearance" and select "Menus".

Menu Editor Interface


  1. Pages - When a new page is created it will pop up here. Tick the pages you want to add and click "Add to Menu".
  2. Menu Order - This is a simple drag and drop interface - be careful where you drag - they may go under the wrong parent!
  3. Save - Once you are happy with the menu click "Save Menu". Refresh the live website and the link will now be there.
Note: You should be able to see below how to make a link a "Sub Page" using indents.

Any Other Content

If you can't find the content in the PAGES area you will need to create a blog post - mouseover "Posts" and click "New Post" - it will take you to a familiar WYSIWYG editor. Post and Page creation are much the same with a few differences.

All titles in the Posts area relate to the titles used in the Website - find the section you want to edit in the website then look for the relating title in the Posts.